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Country Store Recipes---Country stores once served as the gathering place for the community.  The country or general store served as the post office, a place for a game of checkers, pot-bellied stove story-telling, and the selling of general goods.  Country Store Recipes range from Gingerbread to Buttermilk Pie, Corn Chowder to Apple Butter, and more.
Homestead Recipes---Once the early pioneers began to move beyond the construction of log cabins, multi-level houses began to be built; these were called homesteads.  As advances were made in the kitchen stoves and utensils and more traded goods were available to cook with, the typical American cooking recipe began to be more flavorful and unique.  Varied collection of recipes from the homestead kitchen.
Early American Recipies---Authentic recipes from an early American kitchen.  Recipes brought to the new world from many countries and adapted for the modern kitchen.  Two principles were always critical for inclusion in this publication--The ingredients must be easy to get and must appeal to the entire family.  Excellent variety of historical recipes.
Pioneer Recipes---Through the foods they ate, we are able to learn much about pioneer life in America--how they explored the vast stretch of wilderness west of the Appalachian moutnains; how they learned to grow certain vegetables from the Native American Indians and how they raised their crops and tiled their lands.____
Old-fashioned Grist-Mill Recipes---A little more than a hundred years ago water-powered grist mills dotted the lands, producing ground and refined grains of all sorts.  This recipe book recaptures the spirit of those days and offers selected recipes representative of the milled grains used to make baked goods and the meat and vegetable staples that would have graced the dining table.
Traditional Shaker  Recipes---The Shakers were well-known for their cooking, craftsmanship, sense of order, simplicity of life, and community.  The meals they prepared were simple and very tasty.  Delicious assortment of recipes from the 'kitchen sisters.'
Traditional Tavern Recipes---In the days of colonial America, the word 'tavern' meant something totally different than it does today.  Hearty, flavorful meals were a staple of tavern dining for both travellers and local folk.  Delightful collection of recipes and historical infomation on taverns of the the day.
Children's Early American Recipes---Features selected favorite American recipes, adapted for the modern kitchen and carefully selected for their appeal to children.  Children can enjoy cooking the same foods and make the same recipes the adults and children did so long ago.
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